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Hotline Bling Leadership

Trill or Not Trill

Hotline Bling Leadership
What Hotline Bling Can Teach You About Leadership
Trill or Not Trill?

Dance like nobody is watching.
Sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that the fun starts to disappear. It’s important to remember the passion and joyful exuberance which existed once upon a_1445361053 time within you. Don’t lose sight of the goal or the innocence. I’m not sure if Drake actually dances like that, but this might be the most enjoyable I’ve seen him in a video. Be yourself and keep the reigns tight but every now and then let a bit loose. If you can’t dance don’t worry about it. Trust your instincts and let it fly. This is a quality that’ll keep you authentic.

Be Versatile
One of Drake’s biggest critiques from many a hip hop head was his “softness.” Much of that mentality changed in the eyes of many after the Toronto rapper dispatched…

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A Letter from La Causa

Being Brown at an Elite Private Institution called, Amherst College

To whom it may concern:

Latinx students and the diversity within the Latinx community need more visibility and support on the Amherst College campus. We need support in all senses of the word: academic support, administrative support, emotional support, or else we won’t be able to successfully function as healthy students. As Latinx students, we do not feel that we have a space or a cohesive Latinx identity on this campus. Arriving to a campus that is predominantly Caucasian creates feelings of alienation for black and brown Latinxs that should not be ignored. It often becomes difficult to understand how we should relate to our identities as Latinxs. We need more support from administration and the Amherst community in general in order to have our identities reaffirmed as Latinx students that deserve a space as much as our white peers at such an elite institution.

Having our only exclusive space…

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