Black Radicalism As Vulnerability.

Anti-Blackness is global just like white supremacy is!


by janaya khan

Black people everywhere are fighting against the realities of anti-Black racism and genocide.

As of 2015, every 28 hours a Black person is killed in the US by a police officer, security guard or gun-wielding vigilante. On June 17th, a white supremacist shot and killed 9 Black people at Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, SC, after praying with them for an hour.

A 5 yr old baby girl knew to play dead in order to survive the massacre.

The confederate flag still legally flies in many southern states.

6 Black churches were burnt in the month of June alone.

Seemingly acquiescing to the beseeching of the judge formerly presiding over the killer’s trial, the media and society at large has been giving an outsized amount of space, compassion and financial support to the killer, as opposed to the Black folks murdered that day for simply existing.


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This Step On the Path: #Love Wins

Must Read! The Testimony of an amazing and inspiring radical Queer Woman of Color.



Ylini & Jendog in woodsMy journey from Catholic Sunday school teacher to unapologetically Queer has taught me not to run away from my sorrows or fears, but rather experience them and follow them to my deeper unrealized desires.  I am asking the broader Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) movement and it’s supporters to do something similar:  listen to our communities’ heartaches, love ourselves through painful realities, understand our fears, and follow these sorrows to deeper unrealized desires and aspirations.

I went through my teens in a socially conservative Catholic Sri Lankan Tamil immigrant family in 1980’s & 90’s Texas.  The pressure to get married to a man is a stress I have endured starting as early as 10 years old.  By the time I was 12, I was clear it was not what I wanted for my life.  Though I wanted the dignity and acceptance that I thought came from being…

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