Term-bending: Representation and Heteronormativity in Library Classification and Subject Headings

Legendof Korra, a Queer Woman of Color representation in media

The Decolonized Librarian

On December 19th 2014, the finale of the Nickelodeon animated series The Legend of Korra made television history when, in the final moments, the show’s titular Avatar — a dark-skinned young woman with the ability to “bend” the elements (and who, over the past two seasons, had been both temporarily disabled and suffering from PTSD) — walked off hand-in-hand into the spirit world with her girlfriend, Asami Soto, as romantic music swelled and the words “The End” appeared above them in Chinese characters.

The_Legend_of_Korra_S04E12_-_Asami_and_Korra_holding_handsAlmost immediately, the show’s fans took to Reddit, Tumblr and Youtube to celebrate this first “canonical” bisexual relationship on a children’s show (the spectacularly emotional Korrasami Reaction video, in which 30 individuals or groups watching the closing minutes erupt in cheers or break down crying is both moving and sociologically fascinating). This singular outpouring of emotion over what might be ostensibly viewed as “just a children’s cartoon”…

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