Ferguson is happening to America

Report back from Ferguson


This is a new generation of justice seekers, they are makers of history, not appendages to it
By Chris Tinson | @dahktin

Young organizer reflects on Mike Brown's memorial  Photograph: Vanessa Lynch/OrangeInk Young organizer reflects on Mike Brown’s memorial. Photograph: Vanessa Lynch/OrangeInk

The teaching, writing, mentoring grind has been full but rewarding. A couple of weeks ago I was able to travel with a group of students from my college to Ferguson to do some solidarity work down there. We connected with a range of youth, students, other out-of-town activists, elders, and organizers. Some of the local folk were connected to the Organization for Black Struggle, the St. Louis-based group that anchored many of the events at #FergusonOctober. Many others were just young people, fed-up and in the streets. Some were calling themselves Millennial Activists United, Tribe X, Lost/Found Voices, etc. They were poets, writers, students who’ve paused their education to struggle, workers who lost their jobs as a result…

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