Suspected of witchcraft, Paraguayan woman tied to a pole, shot with arrows and burned alive, prosecutor says

The Disappearances and Murders of Indigenous Womxn !


Ferguson is happening to America

Report back from Ferguson


This is a new generation of justice seekers, they are makers of history, not appendages to it
By Chris Tinson | @dahktin

Young organizer reflects on Mike Brown's memorial  Photograph: Vanessa Lynch/OrangeInk Young organizer reflects on Mike Brown’s memorial. Photograph: Vanessa Lynch/OrangeInk

The teaching, writing, mentoring grind has been full but rewarding. A couple of weeks ago I was able to travel with a group of students from my college to Ferguson to do some solidarity work down there. We connected with a range of youth, students, other out-of-town activists, elders, and organizers. Some of the local folk were connected to the Organization for Black Struggle, the St. Louis-based group that anchored many of the events at #FergusonOctober. Many others were just young people, fed-up and in the streets. Some were calling themselves Millennial Activists United, Tribe X, Lost/Found Voices, etc. They were poets, writers, students who’ve paused their education to struggle, workers who lost their jobs as a result…

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Dear White People/Queridos Gringos: You Want Our Culture But You Don’t Want Us – Stop Colonizing The Day Of The Dead

Dear White People…

Aya de Leon

IMG_9297Dear White People (or should I say Queridos Gringos/Gabachos),

Let me begin by saying it is completely natural that you would find yourself attracted to The Day of The Dead. This indigenous holiday from Mexico celebrates the loving connection between the living and our departed loved ones that is so deeply missing in Western culture. Who wouldn’t feel moved by intricately and lovingly built altars, beautifully painted skull faces, waterfalls of marigold flowers, fragrant sweet breads and delicious meals for those whom we miss sharing our earthly lives. I understand. Many cultures from around the world celebrate these things, and many of them at this time of year. As a woman whose Latin@ heritage is Puerto Rican, I have grown up in California, seeing this ritual all my life and feeling the ancestral kinship to this reverent, prayerful honoring of the departed.

Let me continue by saying that it is…

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