NO a la Ley Monsanto : Semillas para los pueblos, no para las empresas

Somos gente de maiz, sin maiz no hay pais!

Prensa Comunitaria Km. 169


Por Cristina Chiquin

El día 26 de agosto se presentó por parte del Consejo de Pueblos Mayas -CPO- un amparo contra el Congreso de la República y contra el Presidente Otto Pérez Molina por haber aprobado el decreto 19-2014 -conocido como Ley Monsanto- que privatizará semillas como la del maíz.

Así mismo, varias organizaciones sociales y personas individuales se concentran en frente al Congreso demandando la derogación de la Ley Monsanto que afectará la vida y la alimentación del pueblo.

El decreto 19-2014  fue publicado oficialmente el 26 de junio del 2014 con el aval del Congreso Nacional de la Republica, el Presidente de la República y el Ministerio de Agricultura, sin haber informado previamente a la población de los impactos de esta ley, denominada  oficialmente “Ley para la Protección de Obtenciones de Vegetales”

Esta ley garantiza  poder patentar las semillas, concediendolas a empresas privadas o personas individuales  y abre…

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Coroner Determines Black Man Shot Himself In Chest While Hands Were Cuffed Behind Back (DETAILS)

Global Grind

snspovq3d45wqh379pdiNBC News has obtained a coroner’s report that confirms a 22-year-old black man shot himself in the chest while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

The report contradicts the original police version that said Victor White III shot himself in the back while seated in a Louisiana police cruiser earlier this year. Both reports, however, state White was cuffed from behind.

According to NBC:

In a press release issued March 3, the day he died, the Louisiana State Police said Victor White III apparently shot himself in an Iberia Parish police car. According to the police statement, White had his hands cuffed behind his back when he shot himself in the back.

But according to the full final report of the Iberia Parish coroner, which was released nearly six months later and obtained exclusively by NBC News, White was shot in the front, not the back. The bullet…

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In Ferguson and in Guatemala

From Ferguson to Guatemaya!
Across the borders people of color/global south lives matter !

Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Over the last week, we have listened with growing horror as news reached us from Monte Olivo, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Since 2010, residents of the region who oppose the construction of the Santa Rita hydroelectric dam have been victim to various attacks, including one in August 2013 that left two young boys dead.

Then, last week, according to the Prensa Comunitaria, the government deployed over 1,000 police to Monte Olivo to evict 160 families of the community 9 de Febrero. As helicopters flew overhead, police and day laborers destroyed homes and assaulted residents, leaving several people injured. Five people were also arrested in Monte Olivo, as well as two others in nearby Raxruhá. In response, hundreds of people blocked the highway to prevent the passage of the police. In an ensuing conflict between protesters and police, three men were killed in the community of Semacoch, allegedly by police…

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Be kind to the environment and your wallet, take the train to Clitoral Mass!



Clitoral Mass is only 5 days away and we can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces at the beginning of the ride @ Grand Park!!

As y’all know, parking downtown is limited (and expensive!!)

We suggest that all riders take some sort of public transportation, we’ll be meeting on the 2nd level of Grand Park near the Metro Civic Center/Grand Park stop (red & purple lines)

If y’all must drive, here’s some relatively near by metro stations you can try parking at….
-Union Station (all lines)
-Westlake/MacArthur Park (red/purple line)
-Chinatown (red line)
-Lincoln/Cypress (gold line)
-Mariachi Plaza (gold line)

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Diary of a Mad Black College Student

Bobbiez Dream


note: Please respect the sensitivity of my story.  This is my private reflection put on display. My main goal for publicizing my story is my own personal healing. . Furthermore, this is my attempt to let me college know that they cant get away with nothing. Those who speak their truth, undermines the oppressors choke hold.


          A couple of months before my high school graduation, I was told by the program development coordinator for Youth Together, to create a diary about my experiences in college. I nodded my head in agreement, but internally I was clear that I would never write anything down. I believed I would have nothing to say. Also, no one would want to listen. However, after 3 years at my college, I realized that if I don’t write, I won’t graduate. So here we go Akua: My Diary…

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