Xuxa Says Let’s Play Indian

Let’s play Indian

The Quinde Journey | The Guancavilcas

Xuxa is a Brazilian TV presenter, film actress, businesswoman, and famous singer in both languages – Spanish and Portuguese – in Latin America. She was best known for her children’s song Ilaire in the early 1990s – the first song I heard as a toddler in my crib. Ilaire is an easy sing-along pop tune that inspires people of all ages to clap, twirl, and jump to the catchy rhythm.

In 1988, Xuxa produced a song titled Let’s Play Indian. It was the second or third song I listened to as a child – and one that stayed with me for ages. The song goes like this:

“Vamos a jugar a los indios pero sin armas con qué pelear.
Vente para mi tribu, yo soy cacique, tú eres mi igual.

Let’s play Indiansbut withoutweaponsto fight with.
Cometomy tribe, I’m the chief, and

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