Is the Prison Industrial Complex a form of Genocide?

Inspiring scholarly young womyn of color !

GYC Village

20140226_212952Antoinette Stone

June 2014

Last week, you probably saw three faces of men who were executed. And you probably noticed that they were all black.

To be able to fully enter this conversation, it needs to be understood that the death penalty is just one piece of the larger prison industrial complex. The Prison Industrial Complex as defined by Angela Davis is the “prison construction and the attendant drive to fill these new structures with human bodies have been driven by ideologies of racism and the pursuit of profit.” [1] The Prison Industrial Complex has not only become a way for private businesses to make a profit, but to also incarcerate people of color, specifically African-Americans. As stated by the NAACP, “African-Americans constitute for 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population” [2] The incarceration and killing of these prisoners is genocide.

This aggressive prison system did not unexpectedly emerge…

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