Antonio Mocho: Machismo and Masculinity in Ecuador

Macho NO!

The Quinde Journey | The Guancavilcas

“Good morning Angela, how’s your day so far?” Rosa asks – owner of the local store.

“It’s all right,” Angela says almost in whispers. “Have you seen Antonio around?”

Rosa shakes her head as she hands the grocery bags to Angela. She notices Angela wears sunglasses on a cloudy day. “Are you hiding something from me?”

Angela politely chuckles. She grabs the grocery bags and turns around.

Rosa stops Angela and removes the sunglasses. She gasps, “Did Antonio Mocho hit you?”

“No!” Angela exclaims covering her bruise. “It was an accident. I -uh- hit my face on the wall.”

“Stop lying, Angela,” Maria says in a fury. She pulls Angela in the store.

“But I can’t,” Angela says. “He means well. He needs his wife.”

Rosa shakes her head in despair because she knows there are millions of Angelas and Antonios facing the same problem of domestic violence.

In Ecuador, alcoholism and domestic violence go hand-in-hand in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. In Cuenca…

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