White Privilege From A White Dude’s Perspective

White privilege!

Thought Catalog

Recently, I have seen a lot of posts from Facebook friends about examples of white privilege and blatant discrimination against people of color. Many of those posts have been littered with comments from defensive white folks trying to mitigate these clear examples of racism. It can be difficult for white people (myself included) to fully grasp the scope of white privilege, particularly when the lived experiences of non-white people are so foreign to us. I don’t know jack shit about being a dark-skinned person, so it’s difficult to put myself in the shoes of one. So, instead I would like to share some of my own lived experiences as a white person, and how they illustrate the phenomenon of white privilege. Maybe my fellow melanin-challenged folks can relate to some of these. Enjoy.

  • In high school, I was a mediocre-at-best student with no athletic talent who often did the bare…

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