A useful rape analogy

Feminist Philosophers

From here. (Thanks, R!)

We have had quite a lot of comments that could be horrendous for a rape victim to read. Since we don’t have time to moderate constantly, I’m closing comments.

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The United States of México

Mojado Citizen

Mexican fans are loyal to their team. Mexican fans are loyal to their team.

American fútbol is so happy that the Mexican National Team will be playing in the World Cup that it seems it has forgotten of its own team.

While Team USA faces Ukraine in an almost-empty stadium in Cyprus, a record 60,000-plus people will be at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to watch America’s favorite sports franchise, México, play against Nigeria, as both teams prepare for the World Cup in Brazil.

And American businesses are ready to make a big buck off the Mexican fans that will get to cheer for their national fútbol team during its tour throughout the country, just months after el equipo azteca was almost eliminated in the qualifying tournament. 

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Mount Holyoke, A College For White Men?

White man rules

The DoubleX Chromosome

Malyszko/Mount Holyoke Photo I am a black student at Mount Holyoke College, the first of the seven sister schools, which was started because no other American colleges accepted women. Mount Holyoke women are taught to be bold, to never fear change, and to speak up against injustice… unless you’re a student of colour. 177 years later white male privilege still reigns supreme here. And it is actively reinforced by campus police.

I spent the early hours of Saturday morning at the South Hadley Police Department having been arrested at Mount Holyoke for “breach of peace.” This is how the story begins.

My boyfriend Sam came to visit me on a whim so I took my blankets and my things to an unoccupied room in the dorm where my friends and I often hang out. I have a roommate who I couldn’t kick out on such short notice so I set up the other…

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