How To Make A Micro Zine – the Deirdree Prudence Way!

How to Zine!

Deirdree Darling

How To Make a Micro Zine, the Deirdree Prudence Way!

I adore making zines…there’s not a day that passes that I don’t work on something zine-related…the more the merrier. Different topics, different colors, different styles & different sizes….I started my zine-life exclusively making digest sized zines but eventually started getting smaller…& smaller…& eventually, last year, ended up with the micro zine – 1/16th a page – & it has fast grown to be my favorite. It’s sooo quaint & cute & darling & adorable &…& I really wanna eat them up.

But they can be a bit daunting in theory if you’ve never tried to make one yourself. Especially intimidating if thinking of the whole one-sided 16 page weirdo fold technique micro zine…but I stray from that whole “cut down the center, refold, fold this way then that, cut this line…” blah blah blah. No, I make micro zines…

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