Bike Program Stickers and Spoke Cards Coming to an Outreach Event Near You!



Karina Macias, LADOT Bike Program Graphics Guru

2014 is a big year for the LADOT Bike Program identity!  For the past 8 months we’ve been blessed with the ultra talented Karina Macias, our pro-bono consultant who designed new Bike Program stickers, spoke cards, and took the Bike Program graphic identity in an entirely new direction.  The Bike Blog took a moment to sit down with this graphics mastermind to get to the bottom of her brilliant design strategy.

Bike Blog: Why #BikeLA?

Karina: “We wanted to encourage a community, within social networking, of people who ride their bicycle in LA. [#BikeLA] would be the easiest way for bicyclists to share their ideas and stories.  This is the Bike Program’s way of identifying with them and building a community around bicycling.”

Bike Program Sticker by Karina Macias

Bike Blog: Why green?

Karina: “Bikes mean money… I mean, green is a comfortable…

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No Selves to Defend: Curriculum for Marissa Alexander Teach-In


marissaalexander On the occasion of Marissa Alexander’s 33rd birthday, we hosted a teach-in about her case in the context of others involving women of color who were criminalized for defending from violence.

Even before we facilitated the teach-in we were asked by others if we could share the curriculum and materials with them. A big part of our work at Project NIA is focused on making information readily available in the spirit of collaboration and a desire for a more just world.

As such, we are making the curriculum and materials that were developed by Mariame Kaba freely available. Please feel free to adapt the materials however you choose. We only ask that you make sure to credit Project NIA for the materials as you use them. In addition, please be aware that this curriculum was only offered once and is a work in progress. The feedback was very positive but…

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everything is medicine

A Red-tail Hawk circles the Anabolic Monument as gardeners gather seeds from the native garden that will soon be removed to make way for a new State Park design. A Red-tail Hawk circles the Anabolic Monument as volunteers gather seeds from the native and medicinal garden that will soon be removed to make way for a new State Park design.

For all our ancestors, we will be having a closing ceremony at the Anabolic Monument this Friday, February 14 at sunset. This will be a parting ceremony to honor land, flora, fauna, and everyone who has come to experience the many changing seasons of the Anabolic Monument.

We are honoring eight years of engagement with the land because the park will be closed for an entire year since it is going into construction with its Second Phase of the park’s design. This means that the Anabolic with all its native flora and fauna as we presently know it, and have experienced, will no longer exist.

The Tongva Elders will be officiating at the ceremony along with a diverse representation of cultures…

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Declaración de La Alzada (AFL) en el marco de la jornada de protesta 26/6

La Alzada

Este 26 de Junio, las trabajadoras y trabajadores de Chile, junto con las y los estudiantes, volvemos a salir a la calle en el marco de una jornada de protesta nacional, para denunciar el sistema neoliberal que de manera sistemática nos mantiene en condiciones cada vez más intolerables de explotación, precarización y miseria. Condiciones que desde La Alzada (AFL), señalamos como producto de la actual estructura de dominación capitalista-patriarcal en Chile.

Nosotras y nosotros, las y los trabajadores del pueblo de Chile, representamos a la mayoría de la población del país, precarizada y explotada. Hemos presenciado cómo, a partir de la década de los 80s, se ha implementado e instalado un tipo de trabajo altamente precarizado, caracterizado por salarios de hambre, que nos mantienen en la miseria social, así como por una alta flexibilización y por la ausencia de un sistema de seguridad social que nos garantice salud, educación y vivienda digna y de calidad.

Constatamos que al interior de esta brutal…

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How To Make A Micro Zine – the Deirdree Prudence Way!

How to Zine!

Deirdree Darling

How To Make a Micro Zine, the Deirdree Prudence Way!

I adore making zines…there’s not a day that passes that I don’t work on something zine-related…the more the merrier. Different topics, different colors, different styles & different sizes….I started my zine-life exclusively making digest sized zines but eventually started getting smaller…& smaller…& eventually, last year, ended up with the micro zine – 1/16th a page – & it has fast grown to be my favorite. It’s sooo quaint & cute & darling & adorable &…& I really wanna eat them up.

But they can be a bit daunting in theory if you’ve never tried to make one yourself. Especially intimidating if thinking of the whole one-sided 16 page weirdo fold technique micro zine…but I stray from that whole “cut down the center, refold, fold this way then that, cut this line…” blah blah blah. No, I make micro zines…

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Las Cafeteras: this band is SO great. Catch them if you can.

Yes! From the West to the East a little bit of home is coming to me.

Scene By Gina

Voted LA’s ‘Best Latin Alternative Band,’ 

Las Cafeteras comes to the East Coast to 

do more than just play music.

Los Angeles, CA (February 6, 2014) – After a successful 3-month Northwest and Midwest Tour this past fall that had them open for groups like Juanes, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Las Cafeteras hit the road again.

This time, Las Cafeteras are going to different parts of the country and will be engaging communities in the East Coast (Boston, New York, Philadelphia), Texas (Austin), Florida (Miami), and Northern California. Along with their performances, Las Cafeteras will also be having cultural exchanges with universities, museums, and immigrant rights organizations with the purpose of sharing stories from their respective cities.

Las Cafeteras’ musician David Flores says, “we believe that we are all the same because we are all different and we want to use our…

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